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COVID-19 Response

Mass Pediatric ABA, LLC is committed to providing quality ABA therapy to improve the quality of life for children and their families. Together, we have been navigating the ongoing adjustments that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought upon our lives. In addition to providing quality ABA therapy, we strive to protect the health and safety of our Mass Pediatric ABA community. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to follow the latest guidance from medical advisors, state and local health departments, and the CDC.

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As part of our daily efforts to promote the health and safety of our staff and families, we provide all staff personal protective equipment (PPE), including: masks, disinfectant wipes and sanitizers.

All staff and families are required to be transparent and stay in communication on the status of their health, if they are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. 

The symptoms include but are not limited to the following: 



Runny Nose


For additional symptoms or to stay up-to-date, please visit the CDC website by clicking below.

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