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What is ABA?

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is the application of evidence based  treatment that aims to improve an individual's specific behaviors and skills.  ABA helps us to understand how behavior works and how it is affected by the environment. Behavior analysts apply this understanding to real situations individualized to each child's needs.  The goal of ABA therapy is to increase helpful behaviors and decrease behaviors that have an adverse affect on learning or social interactions.

Get to know us!

Child Psycholgist

Mass Pediatric ABA is a small growing company based in Westford, MA, servicing the greater Lowell and surrounding areas. 

We have over 15 years of ABA therapy experience and are passionate about helping children with autism reach their full potential.

We support families through in-home and on-line services including hands on therapy, parent training and consultations.

Our Behavior Technician's are warm and engaging people who are highly motivated and trained. They work closely with our Board Certified Behavior Analysts to deliver your child's personalized therapy plan.

Diversity Statement

Mass Pediatric ABA, LLC prohibits discrimination, harassment and unprofessional conduct based on the perception of any person who has or is perceived to have any protected characteristics. The Company does not discriminate or retaliate against applicants for employment or current employees who request a reasonable accommodation for reasons related to disability or religion. The Company is committed to providing a diverse workplace environment and welcomes people of all backgrounds.



With the growth of our operational and clinical team, we are committed to ensuring the recruitment of a diverse pool of candidates for all open positions at the company.

Visual Representation

The Company aims to provide a diverse visual representation of families and children throughout all platforms including websites, brochures and social media postings.

Workplace Culture

The Company aims to have a workplace culture that entails respect, fairness, trust, integrity, teamwork, diversity, inclusion, communication and transparency.

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